Friday, April 2, 2010


We had the Memorial last tuesday in our shiny new hall on Tucuman.  Its a beautiful building as you can see by the pics in the gallery.  We had 81 in attendance, which is pretty good for a group of 35.  Although, I was hoping for 100.

Br Salinas did an excellent job on the talk, even though English is not his first language.  And Chacho gave a fantastic prayer... his first one in English, I think.

We also had the CO this past week.  What a humble brother!  He doesn't speak much English, but made such an effort to do so during the meetings and also during a study I brought him on.  He really appreciated being with us for the Memorial.

We also had lunch for him at my place.  I asked him if he liked parilla, and his answer was a resounding "Siiii!"  Then he said he had to go to take a nap.  I think we will get along just fine...

Random Quote

I heard quite possibly one of the greatest quotes about me today:

"You're more of a jerk than I am, but you get away with it."

I love it!  Its funny because its true!