Sunday, September 26, 2010

English Convention

Wow... what a fun couple of weeks. Where to begin? Ah, at the beginning!

On Tuesday, Sept 14, I flew to Sao Paulo. There, Dominic and I were picked up by a lovely family from Ribeirao Pires. We stayed at their house for the English Convention. And they were excellent hosts! "Mom" was great. She made pizza, lasagna, barbecue... all sorts of good stuff. She also washed and ironed our clothes. Thanks, "Mom"!

Their dad is a chiropractor and he gave us a good adjustment. I wish I recorded the sounds Dominic was making...

The convention itself was fantastic. It was like an international convention... complete with traditional outfits! There were some Africans and Indians dressed in their awesome attire.

Everyone wanted to come up and talk and take pictures. We closed down the facility almost each day. And, of course we made a bunch of new friends!

On the Wednesday before the convention, we went to visit the Bethel in Sao Paulo. Its a huge complex with about 1000 workers. We got in for a delicious lunch and met so many cool brothers there too.

They had a very touching and information exposition about Purple Triangles and Jehovah´s Witnesses standing firm under Nazi Assault. The depth of the involvement of the Catholic Church was incredible.

On the Thursday before the convention we went to the fruit market in Sao Paulo. That was very cool. There were stands will all sorts of tropical fruit that you could try. We ended up buying some mangosteen and other amazing fruits. Delicious!

There is a lot more to say, but I´m signing off for the night.

Oh yea, the next post will be about Rio!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Chris is Here!

Chris arrived Tuesday of this week. Unfortunately, the weather has been terrible the entire time. Tomorrow should be better.

On the bright side, though, he started a study his first time out in the ministry!

We have the convention upcoming next weekend. And the English convention is the weekend after that in Sao Paulo.

Stay tuned for pics...