Monday, November 30, 2009


We had our 2 day assembly this past weekend.  It was all in Spanish, of course.  I can get a few words here and there, but not enough to actually get ideas.  I can manage to figure out most scriptures, though (knowing numbers really helps!)

We rented a bus to take us to the assembly.  However, there was some very heavy rain on the way there and the windshield wipers on the bus stopped working.  We all got a little nervous on the highway.  But we got there safely.  The experience led to several comments of "Welcome to Argentina!" 

Pictures from the assembly will be forthcoming in the gallery (link to the right), I'm sure, as the brothers send me them.

I've been trying to get into a routine for Bible studies.  The sisters have been inviting me on several of theirs, and its so nice to be able to help them.  We have a few that come to the meeting regularly and you can tell they enjoy it.

Last week we had a Bible study in a park in the evening.  It stretched into the night and it was kind of cool to have the study under the moon.   

Last time I mentioned visitors.  Well, there have been more.  Three house-guests already, and one is coming back for a second round today!  Its nice to have an extra bedroom...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I've been trying to get into a routine for the ministry.  Most of the English ministry is in the evenings.  I had the opportunity to start a study on Tuesday.  Today and earlier this week, I got to try my hand and Spanish ministry in the morning.  I think people understood me. :) 

Yesterday began what I expect to be a somewhat constant stream of guests in my place.  Valdo is from the Manhattan East congregation and is visiting for 10 days.  Turns out we have at least 3 friends in common back in New York.  It never fails in the Truth - I'd say 2 degrees of seperation. 

We are having a Watchtower study at my place tonight.  I hope I have enough room for everyone!

On another note, the brothers here are so social.  It's great, but it's almost too much.  I was out until 4:30 Sunday night.  I have to find a balance.

Until next time!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The First Week

So I've been here almost a week now.  My sister and I got in Saturday night on Oct 31st and have been spending the week cruising around the city.  I will hopefully get an apartment today in the downtown area known as Centro. 

The brothers have been great.  So far we have been out every night and seen a tango concert.  Tonight its salsa. 

My sister has all the pics, so I'll post them once she sends them to me.  There's lots more to update about, but I will save that for another time.